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  • When did the new Park Street Library open?
    Oct. 2, 2021.
  • Where is the new Park Street Library be located?
    The new Park Street Library is located at 603 Park Street, on the southeast corner of Park and Broad streets.
  • How large is the new library?
    The new library is approximately 13,000 square-feet and two-stories high. It is the largest of Hartford Public Library’s seven community libraries. The previous Park Street Library was only 2,000 square feet.
  • How will Hartford Public Library recognize the old Lyric Theater?
    We are honored to include the theater in our new name, the Park Street Library at the Lyric. We've also incorporated the design of the old theater into the new library's facade, which will feature murals from the Lyric on the exterior of the library. We also plan on honoring the legacy of the Lyric through programming choices and our collection of materials about the Frog Hollow neighborhood.
  • When did the project break ground?
    Late July 2019.
  • Are Spanish language materials be available?
    Spanish language materials are available for adults and children. The Park Street Library has been known for having the largest collection of Spanish language materials in the system. In an effort to serve the diverse Frog Hollow neighborhood, HPL's librarians are working to curate a special selection of books, creating an almost entirely new collection. We will also preserve books that are relevant to the history of the neighborhood. Frog Hollow has families from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Puerto Rico, just to name a few. We plan to create a collection that reflects that diversity.
  • Where can my group meet at the library?
    The new Park Street Library at the Lyric offers many gathering spaces, including a conference room, a community room and a computer lab on the second floor. Our new café will also be a one-stop shop for food and a place to study. We will allow groups to meet at the new library under CDC guidelines.
  • Is there be a dedicated teen section in the library?
    Yes! We will be creating “Teen Hollow,” a space for teens named after their neighborhood “Frog Hollow.” Teens will be able to use modern technology, learn different skills, experience a makerspace and have a safe place to hang out in their neighborhood.
  • How many books can the new Park Street Library hold?
    In our current collection we have about 17,000 items, a mix of books and DVDs. At the new location we have space to house even more.
  • Will there be a public bike rack?
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