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Park Street Library begins new construction phase

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

June 25, 2020: Community members and leaders sign a second floor support beam to commemorate the new phase of the project.

Julissa Diaz and her five children go to the Park Street Library almost every day for all kinds of thing – books, programs and just a place to get away.

As one of the library’s biggest fans, there was no way Diaz was going to miss having her name attached to the new building going up at the corner of Park and Broad streets.

“This is perfect. I am very very happy,” Diaz said through a translator. “I’ve heard that there are going to be a lot of beautiful programs here.”

Diaz, Mayor Luke Bronin, HPL CEO and President Bridget Quinn-Carey, HPL board members and local activists left their own imprint, signing a second floor support beam to commemorate a new phase of the project.

“It’s something we like to do, kind of a traditional thing,” said Scott Scholl, project manager for Downes Construction Company.

Starting this week, the building will start to take shape. For the next six weeks the steel part of the structure will rise. Plans are for the project to be complete Spring 2021.

Spirits were high, with Quinn-Carey and board president Greg Davis happily greeting supporters over the two days of signing.

Graciela Rivera, manager of the Park Street Library, grew up in the neighborhood and has watched the branch change over the years.

“This is a beacon of hope for the neighborhood, something they can really be proud of,” Rivera said.

By Steven Scarpa, manager of communications and media relations.

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